Guide About Types Of Currencies In Megapolis

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Vast numbers of games are present on the internet, and we are enjoying them. Nowadays, one of the viral games is The SimCity Buildlt, and it is a simulator game. In which you will build a big city and add new locations like parks, skyscrapers, sea beaches, and many more things. Go through with numbers of tasks and missions. Battles are the right way to level up, and we will earn a big amount of rewards and currency. The game is free to all, and you can get it by android store or official game website.

Major Currencies Of The Game:

In the gameplay, the currency is an important aspect for us, and we have to go with a high amount of currency. Some smart tools like The Megapolis Hack 2020 ready to use for grabbing currency. There are different kinds of currencies, and here, the names are Simoleons, Simcash, golden keys. All are listed in this article so you can get full detail about them.


 Simoleons are the prime currency for many kinds of missions, and it is beneficial for buying services like power, fire, water, and many more. The uses need to spend such currency for using any kind of service in the game.

Golden Keys

The golden keys are essential for many things, and we can easily expand the city with it. Such keys are making our gameplay handy and interesting. Numerous ways are placed for earning golden keys, and we can collect a big amount of the currency.


Simcash is for purchasing new buildings and premium locations and many other things. The players can also by Simoleons by investing some amount of Simcash. Earn the currency by clicking on the Megapolis cheats and gets extra rewards for leveling up.